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Our Manifesto

As Rella Gıda, we always use the highest quality raw materials and do not use raw materials that are not suitable for production conditions.

We always adopt the principle and undertake to produce zero-defect products, we do not compromise on food safety and product safety rules and disciplines.

We observe the rights of our business partners and end consumers, and we do not give up the principle of openness and transparency toward our business partners and consumers.

We strictly comply and ensure compliance with food safety and food safety rules at every stage of production and shipment, we are aware that quality is a right, not a demand.

We do not compromise on our founding principles and product quality.

We always follow and apply technological developments.

We do not put our ethical values and interests above our partners.

We always deliver the highest quality products we undertake to our business partners at the most economical price.


We always attach importance to the quality of our products, as well as to the benefit of time and place.

We never go beyond the written / unwritten ethical rules and responsibilities.

We follow up and bear the responsibility of the products we produce not only during the production phase, but also until the consumption of our final consumers.


We care about work and worker safety and provide the necessary conditions.


We care about sustainability and make the necessary investments for this. We work for a cleaner future with environmentally friendly self-electricity production.

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