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The most delicious form of cheese

Aegean Region has hosted the most advanced civilizations for centuries. It has also been the source of healthy life with its unique climate, fertile soil, and countless agricultural products are grown on it. Cheese, the most enjoyable form of milk and milk, is as old as humanity and as diverse as human beings. The most delicious cheese is made in the Aegean and Mediterranean basins.

RELLA GIDA has been striving to produce the best cheese since 2007 with sixty years of experience in various fields.


Frozen is always fresh

With IQF technology; We freeze Our products at -40 ° C with the freshness of the first day.

Thanks to IQF technology, we can transport our cheeses to distant locations and store them for a long time without the need for preservatives and GMO applications.

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“We freeze time with IQF technology”

Our aim is to deliver delicious cheeses that preserve the freshness of the first day.

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Our Customers

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800 tons of milk
processing per day

While the daily milk processing capacity of Rella Gıda, which was established in Izmit in 2007, was 10,000 liters at the time of its establishment, today our daily milk processing capacity in our factory in Manisa-Salihli has reached 800 tons.


With our 6.500 m2 production area, we process 292 million liters of milk per year.


Our Catalogs

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Shredded Mozzarella

Mozzarella, one of the most famous Italian cheeses, is an exquisite delicacy. Rella Grater Mozzarella, produced with the most natural and highest quality milk; is Ideal for different recipes from pizza to pasta, from salads to main courses.

Our Manifesto

Corporate Video


Our sustainability journey

As Rella Powder, together with our group 

company, Ofis Yem, a feed manufacturer, we 

carry out a comprehensive process from the feed the cows are fed to the 

production of cheese.


These quality products, which we produce from the milk of our

own cows, are the result of our dream of sustainable production.

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