Rella Gıda Brings Flavor to Turkey with Mozzarella

Rella Gıda Brings Flavor to Turkey with Mozzarella


Producing with latest technologies and latest equipment by adopting meeting world standards in its products and working towards becoming the pioneer in its field in Turkey in mind as a principle, Rella Gıda proceeds without making compromise on quality. We’ve talked with the company’s General Manager and CEO Mr. Teoman Durukan about 2012 objectives of Rella Gıda embracing team work, and principles of transparency and honesty since its establishment...

Following his experience in the family business Durukan Gıda, the company operates in Kartepe district of İzmit as Rella Gıda A.Ş. since 2007. Rella Gıda General Manager and CEO Mr. Teoman Durukan states that the company aims to eliminate the burden of import by producing mozzarella cheese and other varieties of foreign origin locally, and emphasizes that they are at the service of rapidly growing pizza chain and pizza establishment with local production.

Maintaining its position as Turkey’s only plant producing solely mozzarella since its establishment, the company continues to grow its product range with new mozzarella varieties following a constant development process and producing all mozzarella varieties such as grated and frozen mozzarella, which are primarily essentials for pizza chains, as well as mozzarella in water and breaded stick mozzarella in various sizes.

Maximum food safety

Emphasizing the fact that they maintain the art of mozzarella cheese making with today’s technology, sense of quality as well as quality system and food safety management, Mr. Durukan states that they continue to promote Rella Gıda mozzarella production conforming to European norms with a vision to become a world brand. Rella mozzarella, certified as only mozzarella expert in Turkey as production process, is qualified as one of the rare plants equipped with only scalding system using 100% pasteurized cow milk. Rella Gıda is ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management System and Fssc 22000 2010 food management system certified, and in addition to featuring a product range with 100% natural products, the company does not use any additives and compromise on health standards. Stating that the raw milk, which is the key input of the production processes, is delivered to the establishment on milk transport trucks featuring double-walled stainless transport tanks under food safety management controls from the producer to the plant preserving its natural state, Mr. Durukan sums up the company’s principle of working meticulously by emphasizing that raw milk acceptance is decided as a result of analyses performed by quality assurance.

“Milk quality must be increased”

Rella Gıda not only rises awareness of its staff consisting of mozzarella experts in terms of quality and food safety by aiming continuous improvement in line with annual training schedules, but also includes trainings such as personal growth and communication which will ensure personal and social development in its training calendars in addition to the trainings on quality and food safety repeated throughout the year which ensure professional development. Mr. Durukan believes that Turkey has achieved European standards in cheese production just like in all other fields of production in the recent years, and expresses that “The only challenge faced by the industry is increasing the quality of the milk, which is the only raw material of cheese”, and calls attention to the existence of significant studies in this field in the recent years.

“We will not import but export”

The company maintains helping the domestic consumers in the field of mozzarella varieties by producing the entire range of mozzarella cheeses which are imported and sold in our country indexed to foreign currency as one of its top priority objectives of 2012, and continues to conduct R&D studies in this field without slowing down. Mr. Durukan states that they have projects about improving the quality of current products and milk, and expresses that Rella Gıda succeeded and was ranked in top 10 dairy products importers of Turkey in 2010, and added “we’re working on new export projects to become the exporter, not the importer, by renewing its success in 2011 and 2012”.

Having included the tasting event with chefs in partnership with EKS Culinary Academy, which is still in project phase and will be launched soon, the company continues to work towards support-oriented objectives in this aspect.

Overemphasizing the fact that milk is the most critical nutritional ingredient for healthier future generations; Mr. Durukan argues that naturalness and quality of milk and dairy products mean healthier future generations, and asserts that ministerial ban of import raw materials which are used in milk and dairy products and considered as milk substitutes will be a crucial step for our future.