IQF Technology from Rella Gıda

IQF Technology from Rella Gıda


As Rella Gıda, we also freeze time with IQF Technology while serving meticulously since 2007.

Frozen foods are very healthy and reliable provided that appropriate freezing method is applied. Healthies method in food industry is IQF Technology! We quick freeze the Italian taste MOZZARELLA and eastern culture essentials AKAWI and JADEL cheese varieties in our Manisa Salihli plant using IQF Technology. Thus, cheeses preserve their fresh state.

IQF Technology

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) is a technology that freezes the foods at -40°C in a very short time. IQF Technology freezes the water content, not the food itself. Microorganisms will not grow in foods stored at -18°C. As a very healthy method, IQF Technology quick freezes foods without using any additives.